What's Sacred to Me?

Looking honestly at priorities is very helpful to align daily life, and to overcome feelings of obsessive rules. But to simply rearrange the tasks or goals of a day can lead to more obsession, and at least for me, doesn't hit home at a deep enough level for me to feel less anxious. The book "Hope: A Guide to Sacred Activism" by Andrew Harvey is amazing in general if you are interested in philanthropy and world changing idea, and I was surprised to find it contained some relevant exercises to cope with my own anxious and feelings.

It looks at a few simple things to start doing literally right now to start creating a better world by starting within the self.

Rather than asking "What are your priorities" it asks "List 10 things you consider sacred right off the top of your head. Don't think too much".

This cut past my daily to-do's and goals, and made me think about what I hold sacred to my life, what I cherish, protect and value. These are my true priorities.

If I'm honest, part of me holds Perfection as sacred, along with Efficiency and Power. Is this conducive to making the world "better", inside or out? How do these concept work out when I also hold God, Family and love to be sacred?

Many people feel they want to prioritize the "good" values and leave behind the bad, but for me looking honestly at what I hold dear has helped to move toward a balanced and less anxious life.

After all, if God and love are most sacred, the voices of self-judgment should be drowned out in the pursuit of these more noble virtues.

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