"This Too" - Mantra and OCPD

I am reading the book "Radical Acceptance: Embracing Your Life With the Heart of a Buddha" by Tara Brach which gives some good skills and exercises to cope with anxiety and fear.

One of the chapters deals with a woman who is obsessing constantly with cravings and rules. The authors discusses how the woman used the mantra "This too" to help her observe her moments of anxiety and obsession while not judging them, which can help to cope. "This too" will pass, and "This too" is part of me. "This too" is a thought, nothing more

Whenever she found herself obsessing on food , she observed it and thought "This too"
Whenever she wanted to check the mirror, she felt the urge to look in the mirror , she thought "This too".
Whenever she felt like cleaning crazily, or that she was a failure in life, she felt it, and "saw" it in her mind and told it "This too"

Using a mantra like this to accept at some level my obsessive desires has been very therapeutic to me, and can give me a pause before a mindlessly act on my anxiety.

What would to say to describe and soothe obsessive thoughts?
"This too" will pass? "Just a blip"? "Simply static"? Whatever it is, the pause to observe can help make life so much easier!

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