Movie Night - OCPD and Sitting Still

How long can I sit?

This weekend it rained. Not just rained, it poured down buckets. After coming home from an art event with friends, I was soaking wet. My boyfriend and I had been hoping to head back out into the night, but my sopping hair and deluged sidewalks of the city made this seem more that a little bit discouraging.

So we had a movie night.

We fired up On Demand pay per view, and settled in to watch a romantic comedy.

Problem- OCPD doesn't really like to sit still. Movie or none, I kept looking around the living room finding this to do. Corners to clean, dog toys to put away.

Then it was making popcorn. Butter, salt, perfect amounts, perfect bowls. Then the clean up. Then some sodas, then I was chilly and just had to get a blanket from the other room...

See the problem?

I couldn't sit and watch the movie for more than 20 min without feel compelled to "perfect" the experience in some way. All my activity only served to keep me distant from my boyfriend - physically and emotionally. Plus, I missed some really good parts of the movie.

Finally my boyfriend grabbed my hand.
"Leave the dished, just until the credits roll"
He had never been more right.

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