Always Late

This morning I was late for work. And yesterday,,,and the day before.

Today, as always I had a reason. I couldn't find a pair of shoes that i just had to wear because they were the only ones that looked good with my outfit. Nothing else mattered. Nothing except... making sure the dogs cage was clean, the clothes were in the hamper, my camera was charging... and oh yes, that my hair was perfectly dry.

The list could go on. If I really stuck to it, and tried to do it all every morning, I would never leave the house. There is always more dust to wipe and a better outfit to try on. I have to stop and evaluate... what is more important? Shoes, or the job I wear them to?


  1. I relate to this exactly it has totally affected my life

  2. I am like this and I am not OCPD. I have a difficult time managing time and realizing that I need more time to do things.

  3. This is a perfect description of how I too often find myself. Thanks for writing this, I will read more of your blog, and start seeking solutions.

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