Single-Tasking my Mind and OCPD

I found an article on "Single-Tasking", which is the opposite of multi-tasking. I am always trying to do a million things at once, often resulting in none of them getting done very well. Or I end up injuring myself in a frantic rush!

Well, the author Phylameana Lila Desy states that:

Multi-Tasking = Being Less Mindful

Well, duh. But to me, in my OCPD world, I'm always trying to be more effeicient, and more perfect. Plus, rituals and obsessions cause time to slip away from me. How could I ever manage without multi-tasking??

Really, I should ask myself: "How can I live without being mindful of my actions?"

I already know the answer. When I rush though and mindlessly act, I make mistakes. I cut myself off from the moment, and I disconnect from my emotions. Multi-tasking, and my focus on "efficiency" is just another way to say that I am escaping from my "being" into my "doing". Heavy I know.

The author says her mantra will be "Return to Focus" to bring herself into one task. I like this. Instead of obsessing , trying to rush, or worrying anxiously about a million things, I am going to try to "return my focus" to the moment, and the one task I am doing, in the here and now.

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