The No Control Cafe - Nightmare for OCPD

I found this on kottke.org :
In Kashiwa, Japan, there was briefly an unusual cafe where you receive whatever the person in front of you ordered...and you're ordering for the person behind you.
"The Ogori cafe was an unforgettable travel moment, and an idea that has stuck with me: It was a complete surprise in our day. It encouraged communication between total strangers or, in this case, members of the Kashiwa community and a couple of weird guys from Oregon. It forced one to "let go", just for a brief moment, of the total control we're so used to exerting through commerce. It led you to taste something new, that you might not normally have ordered. It was a delight."

A delight? How about a challenge designed by my therapist to push all my buttons. Food, social interaction, lack of control, pressure to decide, judgment from others.. wow.

I kinda want to go. I want to see how I would do! How would you cope?

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