Heavy Load - Burden of OCPD

This morning getting ready for work, I was rushing - just like I do every morning- all around my apartment. When you spend a day out and you walk everywhere, it can take a bit of planning to put together a bag for the day. That said, I try my best to not be so obsessive of needing a million things for any situation. I force myself to keep it light, and my shoulders and back thank me. (Want proof?)

Every day I have my "List" of tasks, and I know what I need to accomplish them. This is normal. What causes problems is when I over-plan for a crazy amount of tasks, and then feel like a failure when I can't fly around the city accomplishing them all.

Time is always moving a bit too quick for me to catch up. I can't cram it all in. Just like my overstuffed bag, my hours, and my mind, can't fit it all in. Instead of my shoulder hurting from a massive satchel, my mind hurts from my pressure of a million tasks.

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