Comfy at Home? - OCPD Perfection

Clothes are a big deal to me. I spend a lot of time on the "right" outfit. But at home, I love to get comfy. The problem for my obsessive mind can't let go. My "comfy" outfits are just as thought out, planned and perfect as what I wear to the office. I have my "rules".

OCD Rules such as:
No baggy pants with a baggy shirt
One bright item (such as a hotpink sweatshirt) per outfit
Can't be monochromatic ( Blue tank with blue sweats? No way)
If eating ,wear items that are ok to stain and spill on (I'm messy)
If around my boyfriend, wear a low cut top for extra fun

...These are real. Even writing them seems crazy. 90% of the time, no one sees me in my matched combination. No one appreciates the not too bright leggings with coordinated t-shirts. But I can't eat or relax if my outfit is "bad" even when no one will ever see it.

Sometimes, choosing my "comfy" clothes is more effort that actually getting home in the first place.


  1. Hi there,
    Sharing perfectionist traits, I'm coming to see how this affects various spheres of life eg. how I view myself, relationships, work. Could it be useful to graph categorize your biog into categories like these, making it easy to find posts in those categories? What do you reckon? I'm really interested in hearing how Ocpd affects your relations with your boyfriend, and your work, etc. Keep writing!

  2. Thanks for reading! Glad you find it helpful.
    About the organization - one of my goals for this blog is to not get hung up on making it "perfect" in its functionality or design or writing. I always get hung up on the imperfect details, and it can totally paralyze me!
    But..the goal is there to add tags and organize it in a way that is more searchable, and hopefully I will get to it soon!
    About the boyfriend- I guess I can't avoid the messy world of OCPD relationships forever! I'm writing something for later today that will touch on this, so check back soon :)