Changing the Routine - Resolutions and OCPD

For New Years, so many people decide on drastic resolutions: Eat only fresh food, stop buying so many clothes, work out every day or even organize a whole house!

These are all good intentions, and while its always good to reach for the stars, setting high goals can have a downside.

Resolving to do Bikram Yoga every day in 2011 is nice in theory, but our best resolutions have a way of getting altered in the day to day. Sometimes, with a really tough goal, knowing how hard it is can keep you from really trying.

If deep down, you know that it is too much, too soon - will you be able to even make a good effort? Or will you punk out at the first missing class, the first diet breaking dessert or the first missed yoga class?

With hard goals, there is no need to say its all or nothing. In fact, think of the odds of ending up on the "nothing" side!

You don't sprint a marathon. So why do something difficult and drastic all at once, when the goal is over the long term?

Isn't it better to cut some slack, take it slow, and stick it out for the long haul than burn out after a grueling week?

So next time you get frustrated with a botched resolution or when a goal doesn't get met, remember that doesn't mean its time to give up.

But maybe it is time to slow down, if only because that means you can pick up the pace later!


Regime and Ritual - Positive Habits and OCPD

I was watching the movie Julie and Julia last night on TV and this quote stuck in my head. Julie is describing her decision to cook and blog everyday for a year: "It gives me something to do everyday. It's a regime, Mom. Like sit ups."

It's her purpose, what centers her. What makes a regime different from a ritual? A lot of OCPD and OCD people struggle with ritualized behavior, having to do things a certain way at a certain time - regardless of the consequences. A regime, to me, is something you choose to do. Something that improves your inner self, you mental self or your physical self. Something that builds you up.

It's a choice that you feel proud of afterwards.

How many things in my life are a "regime"? Blogging certainly! (once a week... mostly). I try to keep a writing regime (fiction!). Reading for me doesn't count - I do that for fun, so its not exactly a challenge! My biggest challenge of a regime is meditation. When I do it I love it – but taking time to sit still is hard!

So what can you make a regime for the New Year? Hopefully you are up to a  positive challenge!