Numbing and its After Effects- Emotions and OCPD

I've never liked the dentist, but some times it seems like the whole thing is a test of endurance.

You have to wait and look at all those nasty looking metal instruments, alone in a room with soft rock playing.

Then, you get hit with the Novocaine. The worst part is- the only way to tell how numb you really are is by drilling. If you feel throbbing, awful pain - well then you arent numb... and you get another stabbing shot!

Numbing my mouth certainly was awful - but how many times have I wished I could numb my feelings?

If I am anxious or upset, wouldn't it be nice to jab some novacne into all those mixed up feelings in my heart?
But I only feel this way when it hurts. Just like the tooth- we only recognize numbness when we drill deep.

Well, you can either take the shot or deal with the pain.

At the dentist, all choice goes out the window. It hurts so much that you pretty much demand as much Novocaine as is possible pumped into your jaw.

Then, you are finished, and you try to say "Thanks for the memories" to the white gloved dental hygienist.

But... your lips are numb. Your jaw is swollen and cannot you feel anything until your neck.

Try to talk, and drool comes out.

Yes, the Novocaine make the drilling dental work bearable. But it doesn't disappear right away. The numbing and swelling contiunes, even when it isn't wanted.

It's tempting to numb any kind of pain. But we forget its not so easy to work it out of the bloodstream. We might miss out on a whole range of feeling, all in out need to numb pain.

So next time you reach for your own personal emotional Novocain, try to remember that it doesn't always wear off when you want it too.

Sometimes, you end up drooling with a locked jaw.

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  1. It is finally nice to be able to read something that resonates with me. I am 35 and didn't realize there was something more wrong with me than just being depressed. I totally associate with everything you're saying here... and so you build a wall to not let people in (most people anyway) so you won't be hurt and want the novacaine. Sometimes you think you should have a drink to calm it down, or chocolate ice cream. I can't take medicine for my issue so I rely on self help. I think it will be a life long struggle, but I'd rather fall off the tightrope "bustin a move" I think!