The Rush to the Finish Line- Goals and OCPD

At work we often are rushing to complete things on a timetable - and I know I'm not the only one who lives like this!

For me, its easy to get stressed out when I have all the balls in air, all while running to get to that finish line.
But you know.. the race is sometiems the best part!

Even as your legs want to give out and sweat is in your eyes, making it hard to see that ticker tape in the distance, there is a breeze on your face and joy as you overcome each challenging footstep.
When we run toward that goal, do we always enjoy the race? Or do we complain and streess, out of our own bodies and minds, just a zombie of repetative action?

I know I love that sprint to the finish. But I have to put in a bit of thought to really enjoy it.

After I break through that tape, arms high, and my time is tallyed - the race is over.

What then? No more goal to run to, and the driving purpose is gone. Perhaphs changed or replaced. But the fact remains. Every race has a end, that grand finale of a finish line. After all, thats what makes it worth running!

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