That One Stain - Mistakes and OCPD

Do you ever live in regret of the past? Like that mistake is some kind of stain that simply wont come out? I know sometimes when I look back, that stain of a mistake is the first thing I see!

Just one ruin a perfectly good shirt, and become the fixation of the entire outfit.

Once I spilled tomato sauce on ym white blouse. I ran to the bathroom, fixated on getting it out. I doused it with soap and water as quickly as possible.

But guess what? It was pink soap. Now the soap was just adding to the stain.

I rinsed and rinsed, spreading the soap and saucing stain. Finally, that on little stain caused the whole shirt to become a soppy, soapy mess. It even dripped on my pants!

Mistakes are like that stain. Sometimes, the more we try to erase, wash and cover up - the worse we make it. This is especiall true if we rush to "fix" something.

The stain is there. We can't undo it. Carefully, we can more forward, dab it a bit - and use a napkin more carefully!

The past is there too- we can only move into the furture with a little more care, and learn to live with a few stains.

After all, no shirt stays white forever!

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