Natural Healing - Antidepressants and the Past

I was talking to my friend the other day about girly things- namely expensive lotions.

Stay with me!

Everyone knows there wasn't "Oil of Olay" 500 years ago- just plain old oil.

People survived but I'm sure they were much, much more dry and wrinkled. Now, we live with so many options to alter everything about our appearance. And we can only imagine what our poor ancestors had to endure when they looked in the mirror. If they had mirrors!

But my friend made a good point. She said becuse everyone had to live without skin care, make-up, etc... no one noticed.

And what more, the standard of beauty was totally different. And maybe - just maybe- the natural skin somehow worked to heal itself.

Well as she was telling me her theory on the natural beauty of ages past, I started to think about the natural state of the brain.

Maybe medication, like antidepressant SSRI's is like those expensive lotions. They make things better, improve us- but the standards we have are created by their use.

We have a name for disorder because we have a product to treat it.

But now, like with lotion, have we allowed ourselves to forget the natural way?

I'm not saying I want to retreat into the forest and go all out nature child. But its intereting to think of the role modern advancements in health and beauty have affected what is "normal".

Maybe in the future, OCPD won't exist, but other disorders will. And maybe in the past, humans were in a kind of mental and physical state we modern people can't understand.

Or maybe our ancestors were simply too busy to worry about all that hunter/gathering to worry about skincare!

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