Comforatble Obsession – Comfort Zones and OCPD

Sometimes our obsessions can sure feel comforting, a behavior that is as easy to slip into as a old pair of ratty sweatpants.

Anxiety and obsession are the OCPD person’s default , and a way to cope when life, work and relationships feel out of our control. The worry cycle seems like the go-to thoughts!

It’s easy, a habit of worry. It doesn’t require too much deep analysis – and certainly doesn’t mean you have to change yourself.

Like those ratty sweatpants, its comfortable. They don’t look very good – but they are the first thing you see on the floor.

What happens when you wear your most comfortable sweatpants- stains and stretched waist – out on the town? To work? On a date? There is something to be said for making an effort, for wearing those nice pants with heel- even if they hurt a bit.

We can change our obsessive behaviors. I don’t have to wash every dish before bed. Yes, it feels good to do so. But how does this affect my life? If I only wear my “obsessions” as my comfortable pants everywhere, its like wearing ratty sweats everywhere.
Sometimes , you don’t want all your stains showing.

So to function, you have to make a effort not to let obsession and worry dictate your actions in life. The world may let you wear whatever you want, but you owe it to yourself to, when the time is right, put forth the discipline and effort to be your best self.

After all, we get one life. Do you want to spend it in sweatpants?

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