My Own Coffee

I know caffeine and anxiety disorders aren't supposed to mix. But I mix them twice daily at my local deli, and I don't plan to stop. I live in a city, and coffee is on every street corner, all the time. But not all all coffee providers are equal, and my obsession with perfection leads me to make some odd choices.
First, I always try to make my own. Deli's around me often have a vat of coffee or iced coffee sitting in wait for customers to pour and add their own milk. This is amazing for a control freak. I will walk a extra block and drink watery coffee just so I can add exact amounts of milk and sugar.
I don't really like Starbucks or other "high end" chains. Maybe other coffee obsessives have their own ritual. (feel free to add comments) but it never ceases to astound me that when I look at little patterns I set up in my life, I see how perfectionism and control affect my behavior.

And yes, I have thrown out imperfect coffee. The $2.50 wasn't worth the anxiety.

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  1. Big Biz coffee companies give us so many choices I think it can create a feeling of being entitled to have it exactly MY way!

    I haerd on NPR a army officer used blogging to help with his feelings about the war & he said he was the best help.