Welcome to my OCPD Blog - Life as a Perfectionist

Hello and welcome. This blog is about my journey and struggle with Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder. This blog will focus on stories of life with OCPD, which is kinda like OCD but more about a personality trait. For more on what that is, see this post.

I'm not a doctor, just a young woman with a blog trying to share my story with OCPD. The hope is that it will help others who live with anxiety, or anyone who has someone in their life who dealing with a personality disorder. I also struggle with eating issues, and am trying to recovery from anorexia. They go hand in hand, I think my main issue is "perfection" in general, and that goes way beyond food. But a lot of young women who get obsessive find a outlet on their bodies. More on that here.

I'm just starting out on this exploration of my self, my symptoms and my treatment. I have a long way to go.

OCPD is about obsession and compulsion. But I mostly feel it as anxiety. This blog will ask the questions: Is OCPD detrimental to relationships? Can natural treatments for OCPD work? Can the power of the mind stop obesessive and OCPD thoughts. Can obsession be a good thing?

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