Wishful worry- Positive Thinking and Obsessive thoughts

We are all guilty of wishful thinking. We day dream that maybe the express train is just around the corner, that the brand new dress on the sale rack will ring up %50 off despite no red tag, that the rain will stop in time for the picnic.

Well those are nice thoughts. But for myself, and others with anxiety, our "wishes" sometimes feel more like worries. Do you "wishful think" about the worst case senerios?

When you get addicted to anxiety, when worry is your default - deep down, when things go bad it feels, like you expected it all along. A fufillment.

It's when that inner, or outer, voice yells; "See! I knew you would mess up! I just knew it!"

If you let the inner critic get in the last word, you fufil your own negative wish. I dont even know most of the time when i "Wish" for things to worry about. I self-sabotage, i cram in one more thing, i keep putting on make up, I tell myself that I jsut *have* to wear the one thing that is dirty and must now be frantically washed before work. I tell myself -"I can't do this, but I have to! I have to but I can't"... and so it goes. Not a good daydream about reality.

In fact, wishful thinking is about deciding reality. You think about it hard enough you make it happen. Maybe you can stop the rain.

If you think about how you "just can't" and then you get that rush of "i told you so!" when it doesnt happen - that is "wishfull worry".

Stop yourself from the get go. No more negative predictions, seeing the world as your enemy. Make the choice to say, even if it all goes sideways, rather than think "See? Proof the world hates you!", commit to trying to think, and belive :"I expected a better outcome, but I can deal with this"

Stopping the "Wishful worry" is a step to being a more positive person, and less of a meanie to your self. remember- worry is addictive, but you can break the habit.

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