The Power of Packing- Disorganized OCPD

This weekend, I went on a whirlwind trip of meetings in the Windy City. It was jam packed with meetings, trade show events, a long brunch and finally an awesome concert. I could not let myself be disorganized!

All this, then taking the red-eye home and going straight into work!

Cramming everything into my life is a lot like over packing a suitcase. Sometimes, you just have take 4 pairs of shoes, and you can only bring a carry on? There are a few ways to do it.

If you stuff everything into the suitcase unfolded, mushing t shirts and gym clothes with dresses and heels, it will overflow. Not only will if not all fit, it will come out all wrinkled and dirty. Whats the point of bringing nice things if they get ruined in the process?

But- if you organize the contents of your "life suitcase", you can fit it in. Not only that, things will go smoother. The dress will be folded and unwrinked, ready for that cocktail hour. It takes time to pack properly- it takes time and effort to organize a busy life. But its worth it.

A little investment in some "life packing skills" can save you a lot of stress later! Remember this next time you want to keep some clutter, not use your planner, not set up a calender or a system for getting ready. Pack your bag carefully, each day, and watch events unfold wrinkle-free!

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