Positive momentum - Thinking Away the Negative

Sometimes I feel like I'm stuck in a whirlwind of negativity with my anxious mind. obsessive personality makes it easy to focus on one thing. So if that one thing is negative... well its not good! The coffee spils, my shirt gets stained, I'm late for work, my hair goes flat... it becomes a long slide down.

But what about the slide up? We all know the feeling of "Bad Day" momments compounding. But how often do we feel a upward climb as things keep going right.

Bad days happen with spills. So why does something ultra-great have to happen to have a "Good Day?". It's not just the days we get a raise, or a go out to an amazing dinner that should count as good.

If you look using thankful eyes, all the little awesome things become apparant. And they and slide you right into a Good Day.

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