Traveling with OCPD

I know I'm not the only one who traveled this weekend. But my flight time was more substantial than most : 15 hours on a plane. Yes, thats like a whole day in a tiny seat. And I thought my cubicle was bad.

Going anywhere, especially when the time in transit is long and grueling, can be an endurance test for anyone with OCPD. Just sitting in a seat for hours is torture for me. It gives my anxious mind far too much time to ruminate on what I should be doing.

Plus, whenever I go to the bathroom, get tea, eat something or fix my make-up (all of which I do pretty constantly) I feel like everyone in the seat around me is watching. So how do I create a private space of solace when traveling?

I try to keep both my mental and physical space positive. I bought an art magazine and set it facing me in the seat back so I could look at the illustrated cover. I use lotion to keep smelling fresh. I have music that is soothing picked out. And, most importantly, I try to balance the planning impulses.

I always try to use my time traveling effectively, to the point of a fault. Ok, I think, first two hours eating and movie, then a nap, then a hour of doing some work, then I'll fix my make up for arrival... etc.
Planning is fine, but I don't let it tip into anger if I oversleep or am not able to work. It's not worth it to worry about too much while stuck in transit. Plus, if I focus on what I didn't or couldn't get done on my planned checklist, I actually become less effective due to all my stress. Dealing with the destination will be hard enough, so I give myself a "pass" to relax if I need to, just for the plane ride.

It's not so different that at home or at work really. Find a calmness, accept a tentative plan, and don't let negativity seep in, no matter how many hours are spent in stale air plane air.

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