Bad Dreams - Moods and OCPD

Last night I had bad dreams. Terrible, awful nightmares that I'm sure have to do with my anxiety and anger I tend to repress. I woke up feeling so sad, scared and just in a funk. I couldn't shake it.

I kept telling myself it wasn't real, that I was making all this negative emotion out of nothing. But it felt real, and thats what mattered.

So I made a choice. I took the power back. As I got ready, I play music every morning. Suddenly a great song came on- cheesy but great.

Ace of Base I think. "The Rhythm of the Night". Pulsing dance with a great vocal.

I started to sing along. I felt dumb at first. Very dumb, and almost a fake.Then, I told myself this is what I needed. I felt angry and sad still, but I just sang along anyway. Sometimes you have to act happy before you feel happy. The more loudly I sang, the sillier I was, the more I smiled.

The dream lost its power. The mood funk was moved away by a funky beats.

It's hard to tell yourself to think positive when irrational bad moods strike. Sometimes a wild action can set aside negativity, and push a smile into place.

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