In the past few posts, I've talked a lot about how I'm trying to control my life, my future and my relationships. No surprise- it doesn't go well!

Life is unpredictable, but there is one thing we can all control. Our reaction.

When my boyfriend drop a plate and breaks it, I can have many reactions all of which give a different emotion. I can be mad that my plate is broken. I can be sad that he feels bad about being clumsy. Or I can be happy that he was even trying to do the dishes in the first place.

I can't stop him from dropping the plate, but I can control my mind- if i make an effort!

We all have "go to" emotional habits, whether its anger, worry or sadness. Sometimes it seems like there is only one way to feel in any circumstance. Other people and our lives "make" us anxious, angry or sad.

Well that's just not true! It's the reaction, and it tricks us if we let it happen unaware.

This isn't to say there isn't a "easy" reaction. But if the easy reaction is harmful or negative, isn't it worth a little self awareness and mental disiciple to try to change our "go to" emotion?

I think so. I would rather pause and watch the plate hit the floor, knowing it will break. Nothing I can do now. What's done is done. Broken or not, I don't have to be anxious, sad or angry. The plate and my boyfriend don't control my mind - I do.

The plate may be in pieces, but my mind doesn't have to be!

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