Challege the Habits - Rituals and OCPD

I love coffee. (See this post) To get through a day, I need at least one cup, often too. But I know drinking two cups isn't great for my body, or my anxious state of mind. Plus, its cost money and time out of my work day to run for that 4 pm cup of joe. In the past, I have moved mountains to get that coffee- often making me tardy to distracted by my "need".

It was a ritual. And it was time to challenge it.

Challenging habits is tough. My mind goes though all kind of worst case scenarios. With the coffee, they mostly end with my passed out on my keyboard. But the victory comes when you change the behavior, and then see that nothing that bad happens.

I switched to a power of B12 vitamins (no caffeine) to add to my water if I need a boost in the afternoon. And guess what? I wasn't sleepy. I actually felt less jittery. But I had to change it up, take that leap, to prove to myself I wasn't a slave to my rituals and my worst case scenarios.

Also- the B12 packets are 35 cents each- beat that Starbucks!

So what rituals do you want to change? Can you challenge your "need"? Do I "need" to check the mirror, to spay my hair, to pick up that dust bunny right now?

Or do I need to be happy?

The choice is a challenge, and confidence in a change is worth it.

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