Positive Place - Journaling and OCPD

It's easy for me to focus on the negative. All the little things I did "wrong" - late to work, spilled coffee on my sweater, forgot to spray static guard on my scarf and now have Einstein hair all day...

The list is long.

But if thinking about all those little "failures" only makes me more anxious, and more likely to be frazzeled. Then I just continue in a negative mindset, snowballing into more mess ups, more stress, and more spilled coffee.

So I started a positivity journal. This is a place where I write down all the things I do right! Every healthy meal, every tactful momment of honesty, when I am on time, when I make the choice to *not * change my outfit 5 times- these all have a place to go.

The list of times when I choose not to obsess could be long, but I just write down when the impluse strikes me. I feel proud when I am on time, I feel better when I make healthy food choices. And the positivity journal gives me a place to revel in my little victories. It feels nice to know I have a special place to put all my positive actions.

If I don't write down the good stuff, my "failures" just crowd out all my successfull momment. For me, its easy to revel in self loathing at my clumsy ways, or my dishonest impluses. But these don't get a record. I remember them well enough without writing them.

When I feel like my day is all wrong, I can picture the pages of my positivity journal. My little victories are written there, real and remembered. My anxious mind can't erase them!

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