A New Routine - Meditation and OCPD

I want set myself up for a great 2010 by bringing in some new habits. I have a lot of routines that aren't helpful and just contribute to my anxiety. So, its time for a new routine for a new year!

Last week, I made a vow to meditate 5 minutes each day for 7 days.

Well I did it! At first I started to dread having to take a "time out" and sit there, and my mind couldn't let go of all the things I "should be" doing. I should clean, I should eat, I should walk to the store... etc.

But as the week went by, I really focused in my mediation time. I saw my emotions swirling. I felt the self as solid, and the rest of the world is a mixed up vortex where nothing is solid. Very trippy.
By last night, I was looking forward to falling into the mediation, and not just because my eyes hurt from a day working in front of a computer screen.

I started to use the OM Meditation App for my Iphone. It let me time my mediation, and gently vibrates at the end of 5 min. This is important, because I lose track of time when I meditate. Also, it plays a OM chanting that helps me to focus, and gives a variety of lovely and spiritual pictures to m meditate on if I wish. Having a program to keep me accountable and give my mediation structure made all the difference! You gotta have a system to help establish a new routine. Whatever works - be it a alarm clock, a note on a toothbrush, or special incense that gets burned, training your mind takes retraining your habits.

I'm just glad I live in a time that gives me so many fun tech tools to help!

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