A Crowded Party - Listening and OCPD

Last night I went to a party at a art gallery for a new artist opening their work. I met my friend Sarah there who I hadn't seen in about a month because of travel and the general hectic nature of life. The place was packed with people sipping wine and talking loudly while surrounded by neon sculptures -  hardly the place to catch up!

 But as we updated eachother on the drama and events of out lives, we managed to connect and have a fun time looking at art. Sometimes connections unfold in places that are hectic and crowded, and you simply have to make a effort to tune in.

I feel like my inner world can be like that crowded art party- full of noise and beautiful distraction. Instead to straining to hear my friend, I find myself straining to hear my own inner voice. Small and quiet, its easy to miss. The more crazy life gets, the more busy the party, the harder it is to hear. And lets not even talk about when wine is added to the mix!

But I tune in- through medatation, or just breathing and pausing. It may not easy. I sometimes wish my mental state could always be serene as sitting down to a quiet cup of coffee, but i don't get to choose the venue. But we can choose how hard we listen.

So if you want that connection  - and sometimes you would rather mindless drink wine and look at paintings- you can make the choice, no matter how loud the racket of voices are.

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