Negativity Bias- Positivity and OCPD

A recent article in Huffington Post talks about how the brain is wired  for negativity.
"Scientists believe that your brain has a built in "negativity bias." In other words, as we evolved over millions of years, dodging sticks and chasing carrots, it was a lot more important to notice, react to and remember sticks than it was for carrots."
So we evolved to be worried? Makes sense. Some interesting notes from psychological studies:

  • In a relationship, it typically takes five good interactions to make up for a single bad one.
  • People will work much harder to avoid losing $100 than they will work to gain the same amount of money.
  • Painful experiences are much more memorable than pleasurable ones.

But as many people know, biological disposition doesn't have to be a life sentence! The doctor in the article offered some tips, which mostly come down to one theme: Take time to be in the moment and make a effort to see the positive. Your positivity is like a muscle - you have to work it out to keep it in shape!

You can read all the tips here.

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  1. Greetings, Dawne. As somebody from the "other side of the fence" (a SO rather than and OCPDr) I've been following your blog with interest and admiration for quite some time. You go, girl!

    I've also shamelessly stolen your link to the huffpo article to post on FaceBook - but I did give you credit. :-)

    If you have time, please visit my blog - feel free to link, comment, whatever.