When the Concealer Comes Off - Honesty and OCPD

When  I was 14, I fell into some gravel. I wasn't badly hurt, but I did get a nasty scratch on my face. Going to school on Monday, I would have to answer all kinds of questions, and I was super self conscious about how it looked.

So I tried to cover it up. Concealers,  foundation, power- I tried it all. Then I tried to go to class.

Well, it didn't fool anybody. If anything, it looked worse! My mom pulled me aside

"You know, with all that concealer on it, it won't heal"

She was right. It needed to be in the open for the healing to being. Thinking about it, the human mind is the same way. Messy emotions or mental illness. By covering it up, we aren't fooling anyone. It hurts more, lasts longer, and may leave a scar.

Open wounds, mental or physical, are best left without any concealers on it. You may get some looks, some questions. But in the end, its the healing thats important. Because no one wants to be left scarred if they can help it!

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  1. Great piece, m'dear. "Concealer" often draws more attention than just lettin' the thing air out and heal.