Small Spills - Fixing Mistakes and OCPD

Ever play the game "pick up sticks"? I vaugly remember it being way more tedius than fun at age 6, and its more of a reference than a joyfull memory.

I ask because I played my own little variation the other night. Except it was with tiny homeopathic medicine balls, and it was at 12:30am on a weeknight.

I was literally about to crawl under the sheets, just taking a my does of supplements to help with my teeth healing. Sleeply reaction time got the best of me and little white balls ended up on the counter and the floor.

I watched them fall, I grabbed a broom. But when I tried to sweep, the ball-shaped pills rolled the opposite direction, then when I tried to sweep the back they scattered even further from their original locations.

So I grabbed a paper towel, ran it under some water, and hoped to press the little suckers into it, trapping them. But when I ran the towel accross the floor, it disiengrated the pills, leaving them in a white smear across the floor.

My efforts were making it worse!

So after cleaning up the white goopy streak, i set about picking up the little balls. All 75. One. by. one.

Well, I decided to make it a momment of zen. Sometimes, when we rush around looking for the best solution, life forces us to keep it simple. And all we can to is pick up what we dropped- very slowly.

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