Taking Time to Refill - Aromatherapy and OCPD

Running around with friends and family iss great, but I find I only have to much emotional stamina to give. There comes a point where the well of good vibes is dry, and I feel like I'm scraping the bottom to find engery for any more "exciting" actitivies. I need to fill that well back up pronto!

Aromatherapy is using scent to trigger emotions, like relaxation.

Everyone knows how a good perfume can change a date's emotion- but by making a relaxation perfurm you can give your mind a nice treat!

A bath is a awesome way to create at home aromatherapy. Here's a recipe for a stress reducer.

You need esentially oils, found at many natural food stores like Whole Foods, or even some regular grocery stores. You want a scent - like lavender - and a carrier oil such as tea tree or jojaba.

The carrier oil disperces the scent, and has the added bonus of being great for your skin!

To make your bath oil, Add a few drops of your chosen scent to one ounce of the carrier oil. Then add your mix into the running water of a bath, and enjoy.

Great scents to relax are Lavender, chamomile and sandalwood.

For more information on aromatherpy and lots of scent recipes,  check out   http://www.aromaweb.com

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