Wisdom Teeth and my OCPD

Yesterday I got my wisdom teeth pulled (yes I kept them). I was dreading it, but the constant pain in my gums the past month let me know it was time.

I was sitting in the doctors office and was so nervous. I was chewing gum like it was my last piece in this lifetime, knowing I wouldn't get any of my beloved breath freshner for at least a week. Time ticked by as I waited for the doctor. Nerves building. I started to primp. I pulled out my mirror, started to look at make-up. Then, the doctor emerged, saw my primping and smiled.

God, now I look like a vain nutjob. Well he saw I'm on Zoloft on my chart...

I found it super hard to relax, and they had to crank the gas. But they came out!Now, post-op, I find myself obsessing about recovering without getting dry socket or other issues. I googled every combination of words to find the most information on recovery. I am stockpiling lowfat yogurt. I am reading about homeopathic remedies.

Maybe my obsession, my OCPD, can actually help me in this case! As long as I don't stress out, I think I'm just (over) prepared. It's like brushing teeth is great, but for someone with OCD, stopping before it harms your gums is key! A quick meditation, along with a painkiller for the throbbing teeth, is there to relax me if I take it too far.

I found this post on eating disorder recovery and wisdom teeth in my google quest, and it deals with obsessing about food and face swelling after getting teeth yanked. It's very positive, and full of advice on how to keep from losing weight and deal with body image while your mouth hurts. It's good to know I'm not along in coping with medical and physiological issues intersecting!

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