Change of Frequency

I love to listen to music, especially at night while I curl up with some tea and my Kindle to read. Currently I'm reading "Evolve Your Brain" by Dr. Joe Dispenza - Highly recommended!

I tune into ambient online radio, and last night I found myself searching for the perfect song. I kept changing stations, getting irritated at my failure to find relaxing music. Then my headphones started to wonk out. They got tinny and thin sounding, the cheap chords beginning to fail. Frustrated, I pulled them out and started to search for my better ones, so I can get that "perfect" sound.

Rummaging though my bag angrily, I had to stop myself. I saw how ironic it was to obsesses about music and moments that should be meditative!

The headphones I was using were only giving me a certain range of pitches, a certain frequency and quality of sound. That poor range made the song sound bad, that was a fact. I sat back and thought about this.

How often do I take in my life experiences, like trying to relax with music, at a low frequency? Is my mind's chord only giving a thin range of sound? Do I only see what is wrong, or what isn't perfect? How can I hear the full song?

How can I expand my perception, my own range, to accept and include life? Being mindful, accepting the moment in all its imperfection is a start. I focused not on what what "wrong" or needed fixing, but how it was. I relaxed, and came back to my breath. Each experience, be it reading or music or simply sitting, can seems so different if we pay attention and notice all its tiny nuanced bits.

Like the low and complex noises are heard in a song once the frequency changes, my night got a bit deeper. Who knows, the song of my experience might sound totally different as I switch to brand new pair of headphones.

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  1. What a beautiful realization. Reminds me of a book I read, "The Zen of Seeing".

    Thank you.