Celebrity and OCPD

Anyone with OCPD is bound to have to explain that no, it's not OCD. It not really germ phobia or anything like that, as anyone who has seen me stretch the 5 second rule to 10 will attest.

But OCD is a lot more photogenic and in a lot of ways more noticeable. After all, our culture is one of perfection, so its not so weird to be a perfectionist control freak in the USA!

So more people hear and see about OCD, on TV shows like "Monk" or as a shorthand for being really freaked out by germs.

Well I was clicking along the web and found a list of celebs with OCD. I'm sure there is a lot of undiagnosed ODPC but whatever- when it comes to speaking out on mental health, any press is good press!

Here's are some of celebrities that have spoken out on their own struggle:

Charlize Theron
Billy Bob Thorton
Alec Baldwin
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Justin Timberlake
Jessica Alba

You can read more here about all the theories on celebrity and OCD...

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