Worry Warp - Anxiety and OCPD

I've noticed something, mostly at work when I have a frantic amount of tasks in a short amount of time. I can get stuck in a "worry warp".

I try to make a task list. My mind starts reeling - not just with the actual tasks but all the emotion. The "hows" of getting it done get wrapped with the "how I feels" about getting it done.

And then, nothing gets done at all!

I feel overwhelmed, and can feel my mind trying to tackle it all at once. I just want to do everything at once, but my brain doesn't cooperate. A little bit of one task then - switch- I have an idea about another then - switch- I've just got to get some water- then swich - I'm back to revising my task list!

And though it all, my mental state is less than calm.

Time passes, but nothing really gets done. I feel like I'm doing a lot, but really im stuck in a worry cycle.

How to escape? I hunker down and get mindful of one task. I pick, and I go with it. No jumping or frantic cramming.

Mental focus is tough, but if I work hard to develop this skill, I can get a lot more done, and - most importantly- feel better while doing it.

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