Type it out, give pause - Work and OCPD

At my office, we use email and AIM to talk and communicate, and way more dialog goes on in black and white pixles than around the water cooler.

As I was responding to my boss, typing out a message, I re-read whart I wrote. There I was apologizing and justifying my work, being all worried about his feelings toward me, over anxious to please. I used way too many filler words, to try to soften what I meant to say.

I realized all I really needed to say was "Ok, will do".

Less anxiety, less worry, less drama. More clarity? The drama is in my mind, and inside it can be hard to relaize just how many words that story of worry really has.

But typed out it looked silly. It needed to be simplifed, for my boss's benifit and my own.

Now, if one I could edit my thoughts with one click and a tap of the "delete" button!

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