Keeping it Clean- Perfection, Cleaning and OCPD

Part of me loves to clean. Well, thats ot quite right. All of me love the feeling of living in a clean and bright home. Only part of me finds the joy in actually doing it!

But there are time when the focus of OCPD takes over, that perfectionist impuses and I just have to fix that stop right now no matter what.

That happened this morning. How can a refrigerator get a stop on it over night? It doesnt matter. What did matter was that the little bit of windex I used didn't leave a streak free shine on the stainless steal.

One spot turned into a streaky patch. Which turned into re-cleaning tboth doors. Which just left them both streaky.

Which led me to try no less than 3 various cleaners in an attempt at the now impossible streak free shine.

All this before 9am.

Obsessive and Compulsive? Check and Check.

But what stopped me was a momment of persepctive, of pause. "Who is going to see this door today?"

The answer was no one - unless you count me dog. The streaks would sit undisturbed until 7 when I would pull some leftover dinner out of it.

And guess what? The frigdge would get another spot, no doubt about it. And the cycle of spot - streak obsession would start all over.

So this made me realize- clean is nice, but remember it can't ever be perfect: life will just get it dirty again!

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