Finding the Spark- Positivity, Perfection and OCPD

As per usual, I was rushing to work. I wasnt late- yet. But I wanted to make the express train to guerenntee I was at my desk and online by 9:30. Well, I came down the steps just as the expressline pulled away, closed doors and all. The local came trundlying reliably and slowly up to the platform.

Inside I was cursing. But then I took a breath. It was a lot less crowded than the express. And - it was much, much cooler. No cramped sweaty bodies ( It was about 78 degrees here today)

And then a group of men got on. They looked familiar - one old with white hair contrasting his grizzled brown skin, another much younger with a massive rasta hat full of dreadlocks.

The subway singers! They harmonized "This Little Light of Mine" really well, and made me tap my foot all the way to Times Square. I was more thankful for the local than ever and I knew, work could wait that 5 min longer. I gave the a dollar, and kept thinking about the words.

Am I letting my light shine?

Well, sometimes you have to go through a few matches, and take the time to recognize the spark!

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