Regime and Ritual - Positive Habits and OCPD

I was watching the movie Julie and Julia last night on TV and this quote stuck in my head. Julie is describing her decision to cook and blog everyday for a year: "It gives me something to do everyday. It's a regime, Mom. Like sit ups."

It's her purpose, what centers her. What makes a regime different from a ritual? A lot of OCPD and OCD people struggle with ritualized behavior, having to do things a certain way at a certain time - regardless of the consequences. A regime, to me, is something you choose to do. Something that improves your inner self, you mental self or your physical self. Something that builds you up.

It's a choice that you feel proud of afterwards.

How many things in my life are a "regime"? Blogging certainly! (once a week... mostly). I try to keep a writing regime (fiction!). Reading for me doesn't count - I do that for fun, so its not exactly a challenge! My biggest challenge of a regime is meditation. When I do it I love it – but taking time to sit still is hard!

So what can you make a regime for the New Year? Hopefully you are up to a  positive challenge!

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  1. Nice post! I think the difference between a regime and a ritual is whether you LOVE (or at least enjoy) doing it, or whether you feel COMPELLED to do it. It could be going to the gym, blogging :-), reading... if you turn it from a pleasure into a "should," into another TASK on your to-do list, you're getting into dangerous waters.