Holiday Cheer - Holiday Stress and OCPD

The Holidays are a flurry of activity. It can be amazing to be around friend and family, and fill up our time with lots of special seasonal activities.

But, my perfectionist mind often wonders- is this the best of the best? Its my wrapping beautiful? My holiday treats prepared perfectly? My Christmas and New Years plans the best for celebrating? The second guessing  and doubtcan go on and on. I see all the negative outcomes of choices made. Why I did this or that, why certain events play out at they did.

I ponder all the choices leading up to this momment - and its hard for someone with OCPD to truly be accept how things are. Because, after all, it is easy to count a million ways things could be better

I found myself second guessing all my presents in this way. It's not that they are bad- its that they could be better. And feeling like you "could do better" can take the fun out of anything.

So it takes a little shift, maybe in expectations, for someone who hold themseles and others to high standards. Not every gift is great, not every holiday dish is delicious, not every momment of the season is filled with magic.

But thats ok. Because if greatness was a constant, if perfection was the norm, then nothing would feel special!

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