Worry Wart - Anxiety and OCPD

I found this great article in Good Housekeeping ( like housekeeping alone doesn't cause some worrying!). For anyone with obsessive tendencies, worry is an arch-enemy, but also acts like a comfort. How can worry be comforting? This quote from the article puts it well:
"When you worry, you think you're doing something productive," says Keck, "but you're not; you're just spinning your wheels."
That means, when I'm worrying, I'm not doing anything to fix what I am worried about. The catch-22 is, to me, fixating on a problem and obsessing over it makes me motivated to fix it. Sometimes I feel the only way I ever can get anything done is to beat myself up over it, or worry myself into a frenzy.

But the truth is, the worry is a stop-gap for action. So why not check the real reason behind your worry, and realize maybe behind the curtain of anxiety is an action you don't want to take! You can spin your wheels until you run out of gas... but then you miss out on the journey!

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