Wherever, Whenever- Meditation and OCPD

We live in a hectic world. To my fellow New Yorkers, it seems the dial of chaos in our everyday lives is permanently turned up to 11. For someone who struggles with OCPD and anxiety like myself, this can feel overwhelming at time. Even for the most hardened urbanite, the daily grind can grind you down.

But even when we can't to a spa or sit on a meditation pillow for 30 minutes, we can still center ourselves. The other morning on the train, I was stressed and totally planning my whole day - before it even began. I knew this wouldn't help my mental state, and was a negative way to start the day. So, right there on the subway, I closed my eyes.

Inside, I could focus on my breath. I could come back to myself, and I could see and start to tame my growing hectic anxiety.

We have the tools right inside of us, all the time. We don't need a special retreat- although it always nice - to relax. All we need is our own mental focus.

So next time I'm going out of my head with worry, feeling bombarded by the chaotic world, maybe the key to my mental state is right there, behind my eyelids.

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  1. Good for you for pulling your thoughts back from the edge, and BREATHING. It's truly amazing how much better things seem when we just take a few deep breaths.