Human - Being "Good" and OCPD

"In my work with helping persons manage the challenges of  self-esteem I have found it much more difficult to have  persons who are "Good" come to find acceptance in being  "human" than helping those with low self-worth rise up to  the possibilities of self-acceptance. " 
-Steven Phillipson, Ph.D.  
Center for Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy 

Being "Good" - its something we all strive for, to varying  degrees. A lot of people kind of strive to hit the place of  "good enough".

OCPD sufferers, however, don't define "good" the same as  most. To be truely "good" at something, its a elevated idea  of perfection that, in the end, doesn't really happen to  humans here on our messy planet. It might be good to  remember, that accepting the imperfection of being human is what has the power to make us truly happy. 

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