Blizzard of Uncertainty- The Unknown and OCPD

They said it would snow. Everyone at work was a buzz about the storm. But the best weather experts only could give educated guesses really. They used their knowledge, their insight, and the science tools to give a forecast. But in the end, no one can say the exact number of inches that would accumulate on my front steps.

I was anxious, like many when a "blizzard" is predicted. How would it change my day? My boyfriend's day? My dogs day? My routines, my daily life, would be altered. And I couldn't know by how much exactly.

I was focused on the day of the storm, worried about the impending weather. But in the end, how is this different that everyday life?

Events happen. We can't predict them, not really. We use out tools, our minds, our learning to assess. But we can never tell the inches of trouble that life piles at our doorstep until we step outside.

How we cope with the unknown, the storms and the predictions, determines how anxious our lives are. I ask myself - am I trying to shovel away the blizzard before it even hits? Am I worrying about snowflakes falling that are unknowable, and uncontrollable? Wouldn't it be a better way to live to try to accept what can't be predicted. Maybe then I can just enjoy my snow day.

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